Tiny Modern Homes would be proud to help you design the perfect home. Here are some of our most popular services:


Existing plans: Have you already purchased plans for your tiny house, and would like to make some changes? We can help you make the most of your design. 

Custom plans: Whether you are building with SIPs, steel-framed panels, hiring a professional builder, or DIY'ing your entire home, we can develop a custom 3-D model and plans for you. 

Guidance: Need help choosing and finding materials, products and services for your build? Schedule a consultation! We have a ton of information, and we'd be happy to share, no matter where you are. 

Furniture: Make the most of your small space with custom-designed furniture and storage solutions. Storage stairs are our specialty! 

Pricing: In-person consultations start at only $70. Changes to your existing plans average $200-$400. Full, custom 3D Designs typically start around $500, 

We want great design to be affordable. No matter what your budget, we can find a great solution for you. Please contact us today for additional info.