Social Media Groups

The DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts have been the most incredible, supportive group. I highly encourage anyone thinking of going tiny to get attend some of their events, where they can get to know other enthusiasts, volunteer on builds, learn valuable building skills, build connections, and make some amazing friendships. 

DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts Meetup Group - Learn about builds, workshops and social gatherings in the Dallas, TX area

DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts Facebook Group - Join the conversation about all things tiny house related in Dallas!

Tiny House People Facebook Group - A global community of tiny house enthusiasts, dwellers and builders

Tiny House Resource Facebook Group - A great resource for how-to's and product information


Tiny House Parking

Finding a place to put your tiny house can be nearly as difficult as building it, but it doesn't have to be. Multiple community members in the DFW metroplex are working on establishing legal tiny house communities. There are also many private homeowners and businesses that are "tiny house friendly", and may be able to host a moveable tiny house on their property. The key to finding a place to park your THOW is to get involved with the online and physical community. Talk to others, network with like-minded people, and keep an open ear and mind. 

Some local communities that are either established or in various stages of development:

The Lake Dallas Tiny House Community - A proposed community near downtown Lake Dallas that is currently being reviewed by the city government for potential approval. Check out their Facebook page here. Progress updates can also be found on Enthusiasts Group member Jet Regan's blog here.

You can also check out this article on for info on additional tiny house communities around the nation.



One of the best parts about a Tiny Modern Homes design is the support and research that comes with it. We help you source materials, products and furnishings that make the most of limited space and weight capacity. Here are a few companies we recommend:

Aria Stone Gallery - Don't be fooled by the glamorous, luxe showroom. Located in the heart of Dallas' Design District, Aria has some of the most helpful, knowledgeable staff in town, and prices that are attainable if you have a mid-level build budget. If you want to incorporate durable granite, quartz or marble countertops in your tiny, but are worried about weight, Aria is one of a select few suppliers that offer light(er)weight (yet strong) 1cm natural stone.

Amazon - yes, I know you've heard of Amazon. But did you know you can find appliances, AC units, plumbing fixtures, and many other items needed for your build as well?

The Mine - A fabulous resource for cabinet and door hardware.

Seconds and Surplus and Surplus Building Materials - You can find amazing deals on building materials, windows, doors, cabinets, fixtures, flooring, tile, and loads of other items at surplus warehouses. Just be sure if you find something you like, you snatch it up right away, because it may not be there tomorrow. - A great resource for flooring, but they offer lots of other products as well. These guys have amazing customer service, and you can order free flooring samples of many of their products! - Another great online store for lighting, hardware and plumbing fixtures. 



We specialize in IKEA kitchen cabinets due to their widespread availability, consistent sizing, and DIY-friendly installation and assembly. IKEA kitchens can also be customized and modified to fit around wheel wells and other tight spaces. Every project is different, and IKEA kitchens may or may not work best for your house. Here are some additional options we have found and loved so far:

Dunsmuir Cabinets and Semi-Handmade - If you want to use IKEA cabinets, but want a different look, these companies specialize in custom door/drawer fronts for IKEA's cabinet system. 

Cliq Studios - Cliq Studios offers an easy-to use online cabinet quote tool. You can also order a free sample pack!

RTA Cabinet Store - This company is very popular, and has been featured on numerous HGTV and DIY Network TV shows. They offer different levels of customization, based on your individual needs.