Why we didn't put up a Christmas Tree.... Part 2

Where was I? Oh. Yes. We had a trailer! Now it was time to make a house.

Just a few days after our trailer was set in place, it was time to get cracking on building a house. We had the foresight to order our building materials the week before we left, so (after a few last minute changes) those were already on their way. Being the Type A perfectionist that I am, I developed a 3D model with each piece of lumber labeled, then translated that into an Excel spreadsheet that listed every length of lumber needed. 


Our lumber was delivered in the nick of time (three separate deliveries. Oy vey), and I got to work cutting, labeling, and piling. Three days later, we were ready to assemble!


Since we were starting a month later than planned, our building days started off cold and clear. We had a fantastic turnout!! The DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts group is one of the most active in the country, and sooo many people turned out to donate their time and labor. 


Days 1 & 2: We built the subfloor system, attached it to the trailer, and filled it with 2 inches of rigid foam insulation, followed by blown-in cellulose insulation. All told, our floor is insulated to R-40 - well above the recommended level. 


Days 3 & 4: Walls! Walls! Walls! We assembled all four walls and with a lot of grunts and groans lifted them into place. Those bitches were HEAVY! 


We had one small rain shower during construction. Luckily, we had taped the seams on our sub-floor, so no water made its way into our floor. The final days were a giant push to get the roof and walls sheathed, and the windows installed. We managed to get our French door in late on the last night, right as it started to rain. 

And it rained...


And rained...


And rained.


It even rained inside! 

Okay. That part wasn't so great. The good news is our roof was perfectly sealed and didn't have a single leak. The bad news is our windows that were so hastily put into place hadn't been flashed yet (neither had the wheel wells), causing the rain to pour in. After a (very) long day putting up some emergency flashing around the windows and wheel wells, the house was pretty well shored up. 

After over a week of hard work, we had a house! Two windows had yet to be installed, but our home was dry and secure. Just in time for Christmas :-)