Why we didn't put up a Christmas tree... Part 1

You see, the thing is, we were a LITTLE busy in December...

It all started December 6th, when I returned from vacation in California only to leave the very next day on the GREAT TINY HOUSE ROAD TRIP to pick up our trailer in Alabama. Rather than pay a freight company to haul our trailer the 700-odd miles to us, I cajoled our dear friend into offering the services of her truck in exchange for an all-expenses paid road trip into the deep South. Adventures were had, tears were shed, and voices were lost, but suffice it to say we rolled into Dallas during rush hour three days later with a 27 foot-long trailer in tow. 

It was SO COLD! Whose idea was it to pick up their trailer in December? Mine? Oh. Well.

It was SO COLD! Whose idea was it to pick up their trailer in December? Mine? Oh. Well.

After a quick stop by the inspection station, we pulled into our build site with just enough daylight left to get the trailer in place. A 9 foot wide gate that we had to squeeze our 8 1/2 foot wide trailer through? No problem! None at all. 

Okay. Maybe a little problem. But there's no accounting for good ol' midwestern stubbornness... times TWO! Besides, I'm sure those marks will come off the barn with a little old-fashioned elbow grease. (Sorry Javed!)


But. Eventually. We made it. Even though I wanted to give up, Susan nudged and pulled and pushed and wouldn't give the #%&$ up until our house was in exactly the perfect spot. We even managed to snap a photo with our remaining 45 seconds of daylight!

Forget leveling. We were OUTTA there!

Forget leveling. We were OUTTA there!

It was a hell of an adventure, and our December to Remember was just getting started. 

Some words of advice: 

  • Give yourself an extra day to drive back when you're hauling a trailer.
  • Make sure all driveways/areas you drive into with your trailer HAVE AN EXIT!
  • Inspect your trailer as soon as you get home, before dropping it off. It was super easy!
  • It's amazing how much good a luxurioius AirBnB and a fancy dinner out can do after a long day on the road.