Morton Manor is here!

Congratulations Shandra! The weather-proofed shell for Morton Manor arrived just a few weeks ago. Since then we have installed windows, then it will be on to trim, siding, and roofing before beginning work on the interior. More updates to come as we make further progress.


Some of the services we provided for this project:

  • 3D design
  • Client-builder communication with Volstrukt steel framing to ensure the completed shell (trailer, framing and sheathing) was built to exact specifications
  • Custom storage staircase design and building plans
  • Custom-designed IKEA kitchen, with in-person ordering assistance. 
  • In-person assistance with window ordering - all window openings were perfectly-sized, allowing all 14 windows to be installed in only 4 hours!
  • Continued support finding products and materials designed to work well and save money