Why we didn't put up a Christmas Tree.... Part 2

Where was I? Oh. Yes. We had a trailer! Now it was time to make a house.

Just a few days after our trailer was set in place, it was time to get cracking on building a house. We had the foresight to order our building materials the week before we left, so (after a few last minute changes) those were already on their way. Being the Type A perfectionist that I am, I developed a 3D model with each piece of lumber labeled, then translated that into an Excel spreadsheet that listed every length of lumber needed. 


Our lumber was delivered in the nick of time (three separate deliveries. Oy vey), and I got to work cutting, labeling, and piling. Three days later, we were ready to assemble!


Since we were starting a month later than planned, our building days started off cold and clear. We had a fantastic turnout!! The DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts group is one of the most active in the country, and sooo many people turned out to donate their time and labor. 


Days 1 & 2: We built the subfloor system, attached it to the trailer, and filled it with 2 inches of rigid foam insulation, followed by blown-in cellulose insulation. All told, our floor is insulated to R-40 - well above the recommended level. 


Days 3 & 4: Walls! Walls! Walls! We assembled all four walls and with a lot of grunts and groans lifted them into place. Those bitches were HEAVY! 


We had one small rain shower during construction. Luckily, we had taped the seams on our sub-floor, so no water made its way into our floor. The final days were a giant push to get the roof and walls sheathed, and the windows installed. We managed to get our French door in late on the last night, right as it started to rain. 

And it rained...


And rained...


And rained.


It even rained inside! 

Okay. That part wasn't so great. The good news is our roof was perfectly sealed and didn't have a single leak. The bad news is our windows that were so hastily put into place hadn't been flashed yet (neither had the wheel wells), causing the rain to pour in. After a (very) long day putting up some emergency flashing around the windows and wheel wells, the house was pretty well shored up. 

After over a week of hard work, we had a house! Two windows had yet to be installed, but our home was dry and secure. Just in time for Christmas :-) 

Why we didn't put up a Christmas tree... Part 1

You see, the thing is, we were a LITTLE busy in December...

It all started December 6th, when I returned from vacation in California only to leave the very next day on the GREAT TINY HOUSE ROAD TRIP to pick up our trailer in Alabama. Rather than pay a freight company to haul our trailer the 700-odd miles to us, I cajoled our dear friend into offering the services of her truck in exchange for an all-expenses paid road trip into the deep South. Adventures were had, tears were shed, and voices were lost, but suffice it to say we rolled into Dallas during rush hour three days later with a 27 foot-long trailer in tow. 

It was SO COLD! Whose idea was it to pick up their trailer in December? Mine? Oh. Well.

It was SO COLD! Whose idea was it to pick up their trailer in December? Mine? Oh. Well.

After a quick stop by the inspection station, we pulled into our build site with just enough daylight left to get the trailer in place. A 9 foot wide gate that we had to squeeze our 8 1/2 foot wide trailer through? No problem! None at all. 

Okay. Maybe a little problem. But there's no accounting for good ol' midwestern stubbornness... times TWO! Besides, I'm sure those marks will come off the barn with a little old-fashioned elbow grease. (Sorry Javed!)


But. Eventually. We made it. Even though I wanted to give up, Susan nudged and pulled and pushed and wouldn't give the #%&$ up until our house was in exactly the perfect spot. We even managed to snap a photo with our remaining 45 seconds of daylight!

Forget leveling. We were OUTTA there!

Forget leveling. We were OUTTA there!

It was a hell of an adventure, and our December to Remember was just getting started. 

Some words of advice: 

  • Give yourself an extra day to drive back when you're hauling a trailer.
  • Make sure all driveways/areas you drive into with your trailer HAVE AN EXIT!
  • Inspect your trailer as soon as you get home, before dropping it off. It was super easy!
  • It's amazing how much good a luxurioius AirBnB and a fancy dinner out can do after a long day on the road. 

Morton Manor is here!

Congratulations Shandra! The weather-proofed shell for Morton Manor arrived just a few weeks ago. Since then we have installed windows, then it will be on to trim, siding, and roofing before beginning work on the interior. More updates to come as we make further progress.


Some of the services we provided for this project:

  • 3D design
  • Client-builder communication with Volstrukt steel framing to ensure the completed shell (trailer, framing and sheathing) was built to exact specifications
  • Custom storage staircase design and building plans
  • Custom-designed IKEA kitchen, with in-person ordering assistance. 
  • In-person assistance with window ordering - all window openings were perfectly-sized, allowing all 14 windows to be installed in only 4 hours!
  • Continued support finding products and materials designed to work well and save money 

We've been busy!

2016 was truly an incredible year! Four Tiny Modern Homes designs are currently under construction, with a fifth scheduled to start later this year. I am also getting ready to start construction on our own house, Tiny Øresund, this fall. Needless to say, we've been busy! If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and you would like to see some of our amazing designs, please stop by Fair Park next weekend, April 21-23, 2017. Fiero, by Small Dwelling Company is complete and ready for purchase. At 30 feet long, Fiero is designed for effortless living, and maximum flexibility. You can also see another truly unique tiny house in progress being built by Susan Pahnke, who will use it as her full-time home. Susan's house will feature two folding decks, a walk-in closet, and an Ofuro Japanese soaking tub, all in 170 square feet. Be sure to check back often - I will post in-progess photos as soon as they are available!



Something TINY is happening in Dallas...

For those of you that are lucky enough to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, mark your calendars for Earth Day TX 2016 on Friday-Sunday, April 22-24 at Fair Park in Dallas! In addition to the usual eco-friendly companies and products being showcased, this year will have something special - a TINY HOUSE VILLAGE. Eleven tiny homes will be on-site and available for you to tour. You will have a chance to meet the owners, learn about their journeys, ask questions, and really experience what these amazing spaces are like. Be sure to pay close attention - a Tiny Modern Homes-designed kitchen will be on display for the very first time!


Head on over to http://earthdaytx.org/event-news/tiny-house-village/ for more info.


Welcome to the NEW tinymodernhomes.com! We are in the process of migrating our website over from Facebook to our new home on the web. This will enable us to bring you beautiful new designs, tiny house and modern design news, product reviews and more. 

Thank you so much for being a part of our journey. Tiny Modern Homes was created to bring beautiful modern design to everyone who feels their minds lightened and their spirits uplifted by spaces that are simple, clean and bright. Our mission is to show the world that you don't have to be wealthy to be able to live in a comfortable, well-designed home. You shouldn't have to settle for something that is "good enough". You should be able to live in a home that actually allows you to LIVE, and that makes you smile every time you walk in the front door. 

We are just getting started, and we can't wait to share our ideas with you. Please reach out to us if there is anything we can do to help you realize your tiny dream home.